HCV Screening Event Tips

The Caring Ambassadors Program is providing this information to help you host a successful hepatitis C screening event.

The information is based on our experience hosting outdoor screening events. However, each event is different and you will need to customize your procedures according to the venue, length of the event, target audience, and other factors.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Getting Ready

Sample screening and consent form  used by Caring Ambassadors Program. If you are interested in using this form, please contact us.

Sample Volunteer letter  used by Caring Ambassadors Program

Sample Out Reach Instructions  used by Caring Ambassadors Program

It is helpful to provide fact sheets to your outreach staff and volunteers prior to the event, and to have hard copies available during the event.

  • Providing an extensive list of facts allows the outreach workers to pick facts that they are comfortable discussing.

Sample Supply List