“Know Your State” Map

The Caring Ambassadors Program map below has been developed to provide you information about your state including meeting information so that you can be involved in the decision making process in your state. You can help!!

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Sample Letters, Templates and Articles:

Harvoni comments for NYS DURB November 20th meeting with endorsing organizations – Daniel Raymond 110614

DC P&T Testimony 26Nov2014

FINAL DHCS letter Hep C tx utilization 2015 0602 PI and NVHR

TEMPLATE National Hepatitis C white paper and OIC letter 11 10 2015

The AIDS Institute Letter to Florida Medicaid P T 1 5 16

Alliance for Patient Access_Improving Patient Access to Hepatitis C Cures 2015

Harness Data to Laundry Viral Hepatitis Epidemiologic Profiles

Continued Rising Mortality from Hepatitis C in the United States

Data Sources and Disclaimer:

The information depicted in the map above in based on information received from CQ Roll Call, State Track. This map is to be used for informational purposes only.